Frequently Asked Questions


What is 500eco?

500eco is a place for you to discover, recommend and discuss sustainability. Sustainability is actions or products that promote resource conservation, alternative technologies, healthy living or local communities. You may be Green curious or Green conscious - 500eco is your hub for sustainability.

What is a Group?

A Group is a place for current information and discussion on a particular topic. Create or join Groups that relate to your sustainability interests and interact with other members. Any member of a Group can share into it.
You can create a Group from the main page using the dropdown Groups Create a Group.

Who is the moderator of the group? What are the privileges?

The user who initially forms the group is the moderator. Any user can form a group. The moderator of the group has the privileges to:

  • choose a cover photo of the group
  • hide a shere from a group
  • remove a member from a group

What is a Collection?

A Collection is created using images/videos of sustainability practices and products you like. These collections can be related to your personal practices like ‘Organic Gardening’ or about some topic of interest like ‘Books on sustainability’. Other users can follow your Collection but only you can share into it. Share images from your desktop, mobile phone or other websites.
You can create a Collection from the main page using the dropdown on the green SHARE button.

Sharing and Resharing on 500eco

How do I share or upload to 500eco?

You can share an image into a Group or a Collection by clicking on the SHARE button. Upload an image from your desktop or post the URL link of an image from another website. To choose the URL link of an image, right click on the image of interest and select the following:
  • ‘Copy Image URL’ on Chrome browser
  • ‘Copy Image Location’ on Firefox browser
Paste the link in the box for the image URL.

What is a Reshare?

If you like an exhibit already present on 500eco then you can re-share that exhibit to an existing Collection or Group using the icon.

How can I post a webpage link in the description section?

You can post a web page link in the description section when you are sharing a new image. Select the word or phrase in your description text to which you want to link the webpage. Click on the icon and paste the URL of the web page.
See this for example.

How can I embed a video in the description section?

You can embed a video from youtube, vimeo etc. in the description section when you are sharing or updating a share. Click on the icon and paste the html snippet for the video.

How is my information shared by 500eco?

Please read the Terms of Use and Privacy.